At Active Lifestyle Medical, Dr. Arndt will help reduce or eliminate your neck pain. This article was created to help show what Active Lifestyle Medical VA can do for you.

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Most neck pain presents itself as stiffness or aching in the muscles of the neck. Other types of neck pain are associated with limited rotation of your head or headaches centered at the top of the neck and base of the skull. These neck pain symptoms can result from several causes.

Poor positioning of the head and neck for extended periods of time, such as reading your cell phone or looking at a laptop or computer monitor, is one common cause of neck pain.

Whiplash injuries from car accidents or pressure on nerves from subluxations or misalignment of the neck can also be a cause of neck pain.

Neck pain may stem from a temporary condition or injury and could go away on its own. However, if the condition is progressive, you may experience prolonged or chronic bursts of pain. When neck pain persists, you won’t find relief until the pain’s source is determined and properly treated. Neck pain is often a secondary condition, and if the primary condition isn’t treated, the neck pain will recur.

At Active Lifestyle Medical, Dr. Arndt is trained to identify whether the neck pain is coming from muscle strain, misalignment, or a combination of causes.


If there’s an injury or nerve damage in the back or shoulders, often the neck takes the brunt of the injury. Neck pain treatment focuses on reducing the pain and increasing mobility by providing pain management, lifestyle wellness training, and a renewed focus on a better way of living.

By working to change and correct conditions causing your symptoms, you’ll obtain better, long-lasting results. Treatment is not only centered on the neck, but a whole-body approach is used to bring real healing and prevent recurrence.

Some neck pain treatments offered by Dr. Arndt include:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Trigger point injections

The treatments used depends on your specific condition and what the contributing factors are to your neck pain. The goal is always to improve your health, not just treat the symptoms.


You have complete control over your treatment options. With an open line of communication with your treatment team, you’re fully informed about your treatment throughout the process.

The specialists at Active Lifestyle Medical will discuss what options they recommend, and give you the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and choose what treatments you prefer to try for addressing your neck pain. If you’re ready to get relief from neck pain, schedule your first appointment at Active Lifestyle Medical today.