This is a multi-million dollar problem in the United States each year. This article will describe how you can avoid these overuse injuries at your work by working with your Potomac Falls chiropractor.


While working, the largest injury risk you encounter is repetitive stress. Improperly lifting objects, sitting with poor posture at a desk, and many more small actions play a large role in your lifelong spine health. Many people believe that it is the large falling objects to look out for, when in all actuality it is the small things you use everyday that can be the real issue.


Our staff at Active Lifestyle Medical VA are very successful in treating these work injuries. The most common injuries we see are one that revolve around the lower back and joints; such as carpal tunnel. Many injuries are due to the spine and joints becoming misaligned. The misalignments can cause swelling, irritating the area around it.

Like any injury, the quicker you receive the necessary care, the quicker and easier the recovery will be. Our expert doctors know how to identify your condition and understand the best plan of action for a smooth and quick recovery.

If pain is plaguing you at work in Potomac Falls, come to our office. We would love to help. Call Active Lifestyle Medical VA today to schedule your appointment and get back to the healthy life you deserve.